Author: kelna3ayleh

Teaching Women Entrepreneurship

Kelna Ayleh partnered with Uspeak NGO to implement the project Teaching Women Entrepreneurship. 25 women from different regions of Lebanon attended 600 hours of English and entrepreneurship sessions and presented projects that reflect their economic ambitions and creative ideas. After 5 months of follow-up and commitment, the participants graduated and received their certificates. The project […]

Mens Health Matters

Prominent social and cultural public figures gathered in Kitchen Lab on Saturday 26th of November to participate in the activity that Kelna Ayleh organized within the Movember international awareness campaign on men’s health and prostate cancer. Throughout the day, the participants learned how to cook health family meals with Chef Charbel Safi. Anjo Rihan, Silvio Chiha, […]

For the Body and The Mind

Pinktober is a yearly month that has become a celebration of health and growth to women. This year, Kelna Ayleh brought together prominent ladies from 32 NGOs for a day of wellness for the minds, the body, and the soul. The main goal of the event was to reward women frontliners of different NGOs while […]


Kelna Ayleh organized a discussion panel about entrepreneurship startups owned by women. The panel was led by Ms. Danielle Hatem founder of DDoesBusiness, Ms. Jennifer Mansour founder of LittleMellySolids and Ms. Nancy Attieh from IstandforWomen. More than 30 women attended the workshop that tackled the importance of self-discipline, trusting one’s instincts and preparing in times […]

Christmas for All

This year Kelna Ayleh launched the Christmas for All Campaign to stand by the institutions who have been standing by the Lebanese community and supporting them despite all hardships and challenges. As such, over the course of two weeks, Kelna Ayleh team visited several schools and hospitals in support of their impact. Kelna Ayleh visited: […]

Back to School Health Campaign

Every year, Kelna Ayleh organizes an Open Doors at the Primary Healthcare Center in Bikcfaya bringing doctors from dofferent specialities to provide free medical examinations to children aged between 5 to 12 years old as they prepare to go back to school

1000 Meals

For the third year in a row, Kelna Ayleh organized the 1000 Meals campaign to provide Christmas Dinner to all the civil defense volunteers on duty on Christmas Eve, in appreciation of their mission to preserve the communities’ security and all their sacrifices. Through this project, Kelna Ayleh affirms its support to the Lebanese Civil […]

Tuition fees

Kelna Ayleh has been supporting the educational sector in Lebanon by supporting more than 1,250 students in their tuition fees and providing school supplies in an institutionalized manner.