Livelihoods & Development

Books on Wheels

“There is no friend as loyal as a book” American author Ernest Hemingway. Books fire up the imagination, provide solace in times of grief, and open one’s world. The importance of a reading habit is intrinsically linked to professional success, as it opens the mind to new experiences and provides new avenues of knowledge.
Unfortunately, and amidst the devastating economic, social and health crises that Lebanon has been going through, children of Lebanon are missing the opportunity and experience of developing their intellectual and analytical abilities instigated by reading. In its primary phase, the Books on Wheels project will be touring in Mount Lebanon, Zahle and Beirut – 15 stops will be set based on an announced schedule for children to track the bus. The routing of the bus will be communicated through the NGO’s social media and local municipalities and local NGOs, who will be partners to the project. In its second phase, Kelna Ayleh will be planning cultural activities such as public book readings through the bus while collaborating with local authors and young people interested in writing stories and poems.

Market بلدي


Market بلدي will be supporting households in their economic independence by selling organic homemade products (online and via the Jdeideh Shop) – by providing them with the marketing tools and facilitating access to new cliental. As such, we have identified several producers who can provide a variety of needed cooking items such as Vinegar, Tomato Paste, Zaatar, Jams, Kabis, etc.

Culinary Training

Through the Central Kitchen a platform for culinary training to job seekers in the Food and Beverage Sector provides the technical opportunity for vulnerable individuals to build their life and technical capacities that will enable them to seek job opportunities and upgrade their economic and social wellbeing.


Through the Careers program, Kelna Ayleh develops a matrix of job opportunities, targeting potential employers, on the one hand, and on the other hand, we identify potential employees and job seekers, train them, provide them with vocational training and assist in CV writing and interview preps.

Vocational Training Center – Access

Develop a training platform that links skillful youth to the international market in the field of business and technology to foster social stability.

Social & Cultural Centre

The main goal of the center is to promote inclusion and access of knowledge and technology as a public service to rural communities, revolving around three main areas – each providing a particular service:
1- IT Room – equipped with computers, projector, internet access, office tools.
2- Library and a reading corner.
3- Conference and training room.
Accordingly, the project activities will include (i) establishing a community center (ii) providing needed equipment to the center to ensure the proper services and community educational and cultural needs are met, (iii) providing on the job training to personnel and management team of the center.